Month: January 2015

The perfect fire creates the perfect evening!

After a long day outside, we decided to have a few drinks and quiet night in. We all gathered around the fire, telling stories and catching up. The atmosphere was warm and cosy, the fire was mesmerizing, very relaxing. After a while, and a few drinks more, a friend commented that the fire seemed to last forever and that no one had added more fuel.  I smiled and told her the secret, the secret of Firemizer! I explained how the heat was conducted across the fire to burn all the logs thoroughly by slowing the burn rate. That wasn’t all, Firemizer actually creates less ash and lowers emissions.  How amazing is that? They were astounded one heat grid can do so much…and quite frankly so was I.

The perfect fire with the perfect friends certainly created the perfect evening.

New Firemizer website will help create the perfect fire

13th January 2015

Microtex Products Limited developed the highly innovative solid fuel saving device Firemizer which has been scientifically proven to reduce solid fuel usage by up to 38% and minimize emissions from stoves or hearths by up to 72%, which in turn will give people more time to enjoy their real fire.

As the next phase of the launch program for this award-winning invention, Microtex have now built a new website with lots of useful advice and links on how to create and maintain the perfect fire, which can be accessed on The site is devoted to home owners who want to make the most of their stove or hearth so that they can enjoy a better looking fire and optimize its performance.

The Fire Expert section of the site will give impartial and constructive advice on how to choose a stove, how to make the perfect fire and where to find a qualified installer or chimney sweep. In addition, the site will provide detailed information on Firemizer, its independent test results and the opportunity to buy this unique product direct from the manufacturer.

Annkie Cheung, the Firemizer Product Manager, commented that “when designing the site we were very keen to create a dialogue with our customers, so there is a savings calculator to help people calculate how much money they could save by using Firemizer in their own homes, as well as an opportunity to provide feedback in the reviews section and recommend the product to a friend by email or social media.”

Annkie added that “although the website is initially being launched in the UK, it is going to be adapted for the North American and European markets next year as Microtex is already selling Firemizer in the USA through our American subsidiary company and there is a huge potential for this product around the world”.




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