Month: August 2022

Is It Time To Re-Think How You Heat Your Home?

Are you worried about how much your heating bills will cost this Winter? Is it time to re-think how you heat your home?

Increasing energy bills are a worry for us all. Experts have suggested log burners could be a viable option for homes in the UK amid the ongoing energy crisis. It can cut your heating bill by up to 10%!

By using Firemizer on your log burner, you will save even more £££’s and reduce emissions at the same time!

How Firemizer works

Firemizer is not catalytic and does not contain any chemicals, the beauty is its simplicity! It slows the air flow to reduce the burn rate of fuel and conducts heat evenly across the fire to ensure all fuel is fully combusted and prevents small fuel fragments falling through the grate or being left unburnt in the ash bed.

How to use Firemizer

Simply remove from the pack and place it on the base or grate of your fire or stove. Then build your fire with dry wood or coal as usual on top. It should cover most of the base of your fire/stove but does not have to be an exact fit. You can cut it down to size with household scissors if it is too big for your fire, and for really big fires you can place two side by side.


How long will my Firemizer last?

Your Firemizer will last 500 burn hours which is equivalent to approximately 6 weeks at 12 hours per day. All you need to do is lightly brush off the ashes in between fires. Once it starts to deteriorate simply remove and recycle with your normal household metal waste.

We recommend wearing gloves when handling Firemizer to protect your hands from the metal fibres and sharp points. Also keep the product away from children and pets.

How much will you save?

Firemizer will save you up to 38% of your fuel costs, see for yourself with our fuel saving calculator!

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