Month: June 2024

How to BBQ with Firemizer

The weather is hotting up, therefore barbecue parties are being planned! Did you know you can use Firemizer on your BBQ?

If you have one in your log burner with some life left in it, you can simply migrate the material into any outdoor solid fuel appliance like a Fire pit, BBQ or even a Pizza oven!

Firemizer will get your BBQ to cooking temperature 20% faster! Team it with Firebuilder to start your summer off environmentally friendly.

BBQ With Firemizer

Simply place it on the base of your BBQ, place the coals on top, and start it like normal and see the difference. It’ll get your coals hotter much faster, help them to burn more efficiently and last up to a third longer, and reduce any harmful pollutants emitted by 72%. The only way to BBQ is with firemizer!

Using Firebuilder


Why not try using Firebuilder to start your fire? With no kerosene, the food will be free from any harmful chemicals to keep your food tasting great. Just break the cardboard brick, light the edges, place it on top of your solid fuel and let the fire burn downwards.

Grilling Meats

  1. Beef = ground beef cook at 71°C Fahrenheit, steaks cook at 62°C. Use direct heat for chops and steaks. Use indirect heat for roasts and larger cuts of beef.
  2. Chicken = chicken breast and legs cook at 73°C. For thick pieces of meat cook over direct heat, larger pieces over indirect heat.
  3. Pork = sausages cooked at 73°C while pork chops cook at 62°C. Start cooking sausages on high heat so the outside is nice and charred then move to a cover part of the grill to finish off.
  4. Seafood = salmon or shrimp cook at 62°C. Oil the grill well to reduce sticking. 


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