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£19.99 inc. VAT

180mm x 420mm (7in x 16.5in)



Package includes 1 x Firemizer
Lasts up to 500 burn hours with our recommended fuels*

  • Save up to 38% of your fuel
  • Reduce particulate emissions by 72%
  • Reduce creosote emissions by 57%
  • Reduction in ash to clean
  • Prolongs life of your stove or fireplace

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12 reviews for FIREMIZER

  1. Dawn Neal

    We absolutely love this product. We use it and the wood we burn is left in a powder of dust not in clumps like we used to have when not using this product. We have a fireplace and a woodburning stove and use this product in both. The fire burns more efficient with the firemizer. Heats up and burns better. We will not go without one in our fireplace and woodburning stove. The firemizer has been a great find for us.

  2. Mick

    This is an excellent addition to our wood burner. The reduction in ash is amazing. The burn appears to be more controlled and even. As we used to say in the Army, a brilliant bit of kit.

  3. Lee

    Feb 2018.
    This is our first wood burning fire (Dik Guerts 550) and have opted to use the firemiser from the start. I cannot accurately say at this point,if this is a useful product or not as we have nothing to compare it with, hence the four star rating. Having said all that, I can confirm that the amount of ash left behind does appear to be quite minimal and very powdery.Along with very few solid pieces remaining, but was only found on the outer fringes of the mesh. This is likely due to some very compacted blocks that hadn’t fully broken down before the fire went out. Overall, this mesh seems to be quite effective and we are quite pleased with it.

  4. Yvonne (verified owner)

    I bought 2 of these as I have open fires and they are great! As they help prevent the ash from falling through the grate the embers are kept on top and you get a better burn. I only use small logs so not sure if they last longer but it certainly keeps the heat going. I got a trial firebuilder and it worked well, not as much ash when using kindling so positive results.

  5. TheGurn

    Bought the Firemizer in an attempt to reduce the amount of firewood we were burning. This it has done and is worth the money for this alone. The fire also burns more evenly and produces less ash. It also seems easier to keep the fire going, just add wood, no need to turn the logs as we used to have to do. We are now using our second Firemizer this winter. The first one lasted a couple of months. So basically, “it does what it says on the tin”. Get one, you won’t be disappointed.

  6. niall O’Grady

    Took a punt and gave a firemizer a try and I was soooo impressed. The burn is better, the fuel burns slower and hotter, the log burner seems easier to light and it seems to have eliminated the blow back of smoke that used to periodically occur when starting up. An absolute Result!
    Money well spent…

  7. R P Gayne (verified owner)

    The Firemizer arrived promptly after ordering and fitted the grate perfectly.
    It slowed down the burn rate and seemed to produce a greater heat output.
    Minimal ash production.
    Really pleased with the product. Thanks

    • fire_alex (verified owner)

      Hi Raymond, It’s great to hear that your experience with Firemizer has been a good one. It’s one thing to be impressed by a product, but it means so much to us that you’ve taken time out of your day to write a positive review. If you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to ask.

      A big thank you from everyone at Firemizer – Alex R

  8. ROY

    I have had wood burning stoves for 40 years and as I am now much older ! than when I had my first stove I thought I would have a multi fuel stove in case log splitting became too much effort.
    I found that even on the closed wood burning grate the fire burned too quickly.and there was no bed of ash left.I bought 2 firemizers. What a difference.I now have a bed of fine ash left on the firemizer and even if the fire has burnt low it is easy to rake the ash and find hot embers to bring it back to life too life.

    • Jess Hill

      Hi Roy, Thank you so much for a lovely review. We’re so glad that you are enjoying Firemizer and its providing to be incredibly useful for you! If you have any questions feel free to ask.

      Thank you from the Firemizer team – Jess H

  9. frieda burns

    got a Morso squirrel so can half a Firemizer. smashing product – fuel burns for much longer, low ash, still hot spot in the morning. Only down side is i have to reduce the airflow to the fire so the glass gets darker with smoke. if i leave it burning full tilt the temperature of the fire goes above recommended levels. otherwise – great product and on to my second one.

    • fire_alex (verified owner)

      Hi Frieda, We are happy to hear that you’ve had success with Firemizer and have utilised cutting it in half! There is definitely a sweet spot when burning fuel, too high can damage stoves and shorten both the life of Firemizer and your appliance, too low and excess smoke can from. Firemizer should help counter the effects of smoke production but if this persists, we advise you speak to a sweep/ installer as there is potential for draught and flue faults.

      Thank you from the Firemizer team! – Alex R

  10. Ross

    Fantastic. I have a Victorian fire great which is very inefficient. Fire miser burns the wood and coal much slower and saves on fuel. Definitely recommend

  11. Bernard White (verified owner)

    I was a bit sceptical about this product at first – too good to be true. I purchased one to try in our wood burning stove and at first did not notice much difference. However, after 1300 hours of use it looked worse for wear and I decided to replace it. It was only after I removed it from the fire that I realised how much extra wood I was burning. It was unbelievable.
    I can’t rate this product highly enough. Not only does it save fuel but the ash pan now needs to be emptied every ten days or so rather than daily.
    A first class product which I recommend without hesitation.
    Bernard White

  12. Simon Thompson (verified owner)

    What can I say ? Absolutely fantastic product,I have dramatically reduced the amount of logs I use,only have to put a couple on every couple of hours to keep the logburner on tickover,as for ash what ash,in 7 days constant burning(yes 7!!) I have only needed to empty the ash pan once and then it wasn’t full. incredible product that im so happy I found

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