Month: June 2017

Just Average Jen's BBQ Essentials!

Firemizer has teamed up with another online producer to make people aware of what firemizer can really do.

Jen is a full time Mum, this means everything in her house has to be in tip top shape. So we thought let’s send her a firemizer and see how she gets on! with the recent blazing heat it was the perfect opportunity to fire up the BBQ.

Check out Jen’s full article on her website here.

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Craft with Cartwright’s BBQ top tips!

Craft with Cartwright know how to have the perfect BBQ this summer!

BBQ’s can be quite a hassle when it comes down to preparing it and cooking it. Check out Craft with Cartwright’s top tips to make it easier and more enjoyable.

Craft with Cartwright is a British blogger that specializes helpful tips and tricks improve your lifestyle. With Firemizer allowing for a quicker cooking temperature on your BBQ we fell smack-bang into her field!

“We used one in our barbecue for the first time this year and my mum was already eyeing up the firemizer for her stove at home.”

You can check out her full post on her website.

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