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Indications of a chimney fire and what to look out for

When you think of winter, do you imagine yourself snuggling up on your sofa all wrapped up warm in the comfort of your own home in front of a cosy warm glowing fire with a nice cup of coffee in hand? When you are enjoying moments like that, how often do you really think about the conditions of your chimney?  For many people thinking about a chimney fire will be the last thing on their mind. However, it is ALWAYS crucial to think about what would happen when you light a fire, after all no matter what type of content you use it in… it is still a fire!

What are the indications of a chimney fire?

The most common signs of a chimney fire are as described below:

  • Flames and dark smoke can be seen from the top of the chimney
  • Loud popping, cracking and roaring airplane or train sounds that can be heard even by neighbours
  • A strong hot smell
  • The fire may also burn slowly and silently at exceedingly high temperatures

Warning: In more serious cases, chimney fires can burn very intensively resulting in destroying homes, causing injuries to people and possibly death.

Top Tip: Evacuate from the house immediately and ensure the distance between everyone and the fire is as far away as possible and then contact the fire department to inform them of the situation.

What to do after a chimney fire?

Do not be put off with using your fireplace or wood-burner again, instead talk with a professional and ask them what had cause the fire and how to avoid it from occurring again. Just be extra careful next time and ensure the appliance and the chimney is thoroughly inspected before it is used again.

Refer back to our chimney sweep page for more information about the importance of having your chimney swept.

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This is our advice on how to indicate a chimney fire. If you wish to act upon any of the information given you should do so at your own risk. We will accept no liability or claims from the activities arising from the information set out in these web pages.

3 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Cosier

The temperatures are low and unfriendly in the winter season which often makes us want to explore different ways for warmth. There are so many ways you can make your home feel cosy.

Here are 3 little changes you can make to give you that homely cosy feeling:


Light Your Fire 

Lighting your fireplace/stove will automatically make you feel warm and cosy, never mind the heat the hearth releases, just gazing into the dancing flames will make you feel warm. Even if you don’t have a hearth at home, just turn the gas fireplace flames on and it will give you a similar effect.


Light The Candles

Yellow and orange lights are better than white lights just because it gives the room a warm glow. Light candles around the house, not only will it make the room look cosier it releases heat too!

Top Tip: Do not forget to blow the candles out before leaving the room to prevent a house fire from occurring.


Feet Up, Snuggle Up

Place a woollen throw or a large blanket over the sofa, it will be available for you to use when you decide to snuggle up in front of the TV to keep warm. By accessorising the sofa with big cushions will make the room feel more intimate and will add colour to the room. If you have wooden floors, you may want to consider adding a large rug (honestly! There’s nothing nicer than stepping onto a nice soft rug!)

What makes you feel cosy at home? Please comment below…

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