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7 Ways to Keep Warm on a Budget

Winter is fast approaching, the air is much cooler and the nights are getting darker much sooner.

It is very tempting to put the heater on – after all, you only need to flick a switch, but needless to say this is not the only way to keep warm, there are other practical and low cost ways to keep warm. With energy bills rising even switching energy suppliers may not help much.

So, here are my top 7 money saving tips to help you keep warm and save some pennies this winter.

Heat the Most Used Rooms

Heating the whole house up even the rooms that are not being used is a waste of energy and money. Using a thermostat can help you keep your heating bills down, and your efficiency high. If you set the temperature between about 18-21 degrees in your main living room and about 16 degrees in the other rooms you use, can help you save costs and prevent you and your family from getting too cold or risk of falling ill.

 Drink Hot Beverages and Eat Hot Foods

What is better than having a cup of hot chocolate with melted marshmallows on top on a long cold winter day? Not a big fan of hot chocolate? What about a cup of tea or coffee? Drinking hot drinks can help warm your body up, or if you are feeling hungry, eating stews or having soup also help fight the cold off (it can be quite healthy too!)


Quick bursts of exercise can help heat your body up quite rapidly. Jumping and moving around with your family will keep your family fit and healthy (it can also be great fun too!) Save money by turning the heat down, go outside for a run or do something active like a game of football with your family, before you know it you will be glad to come back to a house that is not steaming hot! No time for exercise? Doing household chores can help you keep warm too! Some say having a tidy house can clear the mind, so doing housework could be a win-win situation for you – tidy house, less stress, not spending money and keeping warm!

Layer Up 

Wearing lots of layers can keep you really warm, start off with a thin vest or top and keep adding on more layers then top it off with a big jumper. Wear socks, and long sleeved tops and bottoms also helps if wearing a big jumper is too warm. At night, wear long sleeved pyjamas and thick socks (you will feel cosy and warm!)… still cold? Wear a scarf around your neck – it helps!

Keep Curtains Shut 

Once the sun goes down, shutting the curtains will give you two benefits. One advantage is, it prevents heat loss and the other advantage is, it helps block the coldness out like a barrier. If the location of your house is in a geographically cold area, consider investing in thermal curtains especially for the main rooms you use. Thermal curtains are thick fabric that provides high levels of insulation, which aids in preventing some of the warmth from escaping. They are not that expensive, but if you prefer to use what you have got at home, you may choose to use sheets or hang curtains over doors to add that extra bit of insulation for extra warmth at night.

Blankets, Quilts & Duvets

Doubling up two thin duvets inside one duvet cover can be a simple solution to keep you warm in bed. If you are in the living room feeling cold, grab a blanket, quilt or a fleeced throw to keep warm. You can invest in some reasonable priced ones from the high street. Covering yourself up with a blanket is cosy especially, when you are snuggled up watching a movie with family or friends.

Wood-burners & Fireplaces

Lighting a fire can be romantic and provide a lot of heat in the room. If your wood-burner or fireplace is what you use as your main source of heat and you use up a lot of quality firewood then you may consider using Firemizer. Firemizer has been proved by independent tests to reduce fuel consumption by up to a third, it is a great money saving device. Don’t use your fireplace enough? If you have an open fireplace which is unused it might be worth installing a chimney balloon to prevent heat loss, the savings on heating costs could be significant and if you change your mind, you can have it removed.

Remember: each individual have different heat senses, some people get warm quicker than others or some people feel the cold much easier than others. It is important to make sure you and your family are comfortable at the right temperatures.


These are just some of our tips for keeping warm. What are your tricks for keeping warm?

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