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Father’s Day Gift Idea

Father’s Day is fast approaching so now is the perfect time to start planning the perfect gift for your father to show him how much he means to you. Everyone loves feeling appreciated, and what better way to show how much you appreciate your father, the man who has taught you so much in life, a few things. Introduce him to Firemizer, help him save some money on solid fuel costs for his wood-burner or fire pit. You can also make Father’s Day special, by taking him out somewhere doing the things he enjoy and organise a get together with other members of the family. You could possibly take him out on a fishing trip during the day followed by a nice BBQ with the family and then build a camp fire outside (you could even use the Firemizer you have treated him) and talk about the good old times. After all, the best gift you could ever give someone is your time and being with the people you love so why not spend the day together and do something fun with the family.

We want you and your father to have a really special day so we want to offer you a £5 discount off yo ur Firemizer order this month. Promotional Code: Father

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