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Saver Pack

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1 x Firemizer & 6 x Firebuilder Boxes ( 30 pieces )
Fuel Saver Winter Pack Lights up to 60 fires!


    180mm x 420mm (7in x 16.5in)

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    1 Box (5 Bricks) Ignites up to 10 fires per box

    £6.99 inc. VAT / pc.


The Firemizer Fuel Saver Pack includes 1 x Firemizer & 6 x Firebuilder Boxes ( 30 pieces )
Lights up to 60 fires!

Be safe this winter by following reputable safety advice!

Firemizer ( x 1)

  • Save up to 38% of your fuel
  • Reduce particulate emissions by 72%
  • Minimize creosote emissions by 57%
  • Reduction in ash to clean
  • Prolongs the life of your stove or fireplace

Firebuilder ( x 6 boxes ) 

  • Firelighter & Kindling in one
  • Break-in half to light 2 fires
  • 100% Recycled cardboard
  • No Chemicals, No Odour, No Mess

See how much you can save with our fuel saving calculator! 

Using your Saver Pack Fuel Saver

How to use Firemizer

1. Remove Firemizer from the pack and simply place on the base of your fire or stove then build your fire with wood or coal as usual

2. Firemizer spreads heat evenly and makes your fire burn longer

3. After the fire has cooled brush the ashes off and is ready to be used again

Using Firebuilder

1. After placing Firemizer on the base of your fire, build your fire as normal

2. Then snap one of the Firebuilder bricks

3. Light the brick and place on your fire

Best woods for your stove!

Oak – This is the nicest firewood although it takes longer to dry it burns slowly and generates a lot of heat. It can be difficult to light however using Firebuilder can help you there!

Birch – This wood ignites quickly and generates lots of heat however you’ll use much more fuel but you can mix with other logs to slow the burn time or use Firemizer, that can reduce your fuel consumption by 38%

Maple –  Is a slower burn than oak and the fire won’t as hot as the types of wood above but it is a good choice for firewood.



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