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The Firemizer Alphabet

We all had to learn the alphabet at some point so here is another one for you! The Firemizer alphabet! stick around as you might just find out some rather interesting things.

The ABC’s Of Firemizer

AXEA is for Axe. Did you know axe throwing is becoming a popular sport!

B is for Bonfire. When starting a bonfire make sure you check that no wildlife, especially hedgehog are among the logs!

C is for Coal. Have you seen our blog post all about burning coal? check it out here.

dirtD is for Dirt. Did you know that wood ash a perfect for sprinkling across your garden to ward away those creepy crawlies?

E is for Extinguisher

F is for Fire


G is for Gloves. When using Firemizer we advise you were gloves as the metal fibres can be sharp.

H is for Hydrant

I is for Ignite

J is for Jalapeno

K is for Ketchup. The perfect condiment for a hot dog or burger.

L is for Log

M is for Money. Save money with Firemizer


N is for Night

O is for Open Fire

P is for Pizza. Firemizer can be used in a pizza oven. Who can say no to pizza!

Q is for Quality 


R is for Retardant. This is used to slow or stop the spread of fire, this is commonly used for forest fires.

S is for Smoke

T is for Time. Firemizer will last up to 500 burn hours giving you a longer lasting fire.

U is for Unseasoned Wood. To make sure you’re burning as efficient as possible only use seasoned wood.

V is for Viper. The bite of a viper is said to feeling like a burning sensation.

W is for Water

X is for Xylopolist. This is a fancy word for a timber merchant. Find out more words here.

Y is for yakitori. This is a popular BBQ dish in Japan.

Z is for Zeus. One of his sons Hephaestus is the Greek God of fire.

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