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The NEW and IMPROVED second generation….

Over the past three years, the original WoodMiser and CoalMiser products have been a great success, hitting the shelves all over the UK!

Microtex Products Ltd has now developed a second generation of this technology and re-branded the product as ‘Firemizer’.  This singular product can be used with both wood and coal so you now have two ways of burning solid fuel for the price of one!

What’s more, a leading testing laboratory in the USA has tested the product and confirmed that Firemizer can help to reduce wood fuel usage by as much as 38% – which can not only help customers save up to 38% of their wood fuel bills, but think about the huge saving in storage space and time spent chopping and seasoning the firewood for the winter. What a big relief that is!

Look out for this newly launched Firemizer product at local retailers near you, or if you simply can’t wait to start saving check out to place an order.

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