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Try Something New This New Year

Now that winter has arrived, the months ahead will feel a lot longer, darker and colder. As the weather gets chillier, you will be extra likely to spend more time indoors. Now is time to ensure your home can provide you with as much warmth, so you can be as comfy and cosy as you can be at your own home.

Join in on trying something new this New Year! If you are one who relishes the idea of a warm cosy fire after a long walk in the great outdoors, then you need to know all about Firemizer. Many fireplace and wood-burning stove owners have experienced using Firemizer in the last autumn/winter season across the UK and USA. They have provided us with many positive feedbacks of the unique solid fuel saver. One stated ‘‘the FIREMIZER does exactly what it claims. I noticed less cleaning of ash, longer fires, it gives me more heat from less wood.’’ And another quoted ‘‘our wood lasts much longer and so little ash is left over because everything burns!’’. Sure being outside is lovely during the day, especially when you have your big jacket and comfy walking boots on to keep you warm outside but as soon as the night draws in, the evenings can be much cooler. When it gets colder, you will be tempted to light your fire much sooner, meaning you will be more likely to burn more wood to keep the fire going for the rest of the evening. We are also more inclined to put the heating on, when the weather is cold and wet outside. Who doesn’t like the idea of staring into the bright dancing flames in a wood-burner or a fireplace? Just the thought of it just provides you with such a warm cosy feeling. Using Firemizer will make your fire last longer because it will burn the wood more evenly and thoroughly into fine ashes, it works by reducing the burn rate of fuel. Why not give it a try?

Two very good news…

Independent tests by a leading laboratory in the UK have shown Firemizer reduces the emissions of creosote hydrocarbons by up to 57%, which will reduce the build-up of potentially dangerous soot in your chimney AND other independent tests by a leading laboratory in the USA have proven Firemizer can limit particulate emissions by up to 72%. As a result, Firemizer is not only good for you but is also good for the environment too.

Try it to believe it!

The best thing about the Firemizer is that it is very simple to use, all you need to do is place it on the base of your hearth and light your fire as normal. Firemizer will typically last up to 500 burn hours! Multi-fuel stove owners… It works for both coal and wood so do not worry if you prefer to burn coal because it works too!

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