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You cannot beat a real fire…

So why not enjoy it for longer?

Don’t you just love staring into a glowing roaring fire when it is cold and wet outside? … I do, but there is one downside to having a real wood-burning fire! Some of you may agree and some may not but that is, there is nothing more of a nuisance then having to get up to keep refueling the fire to keep that roaring fire going… there I said it… as much as I love a great fire there is that annoyance. This of course, does not put me off starting a fire because sitting by the fire is just so relaxing; but surely there is a solution to this?

A few months ago, I came across Firemizer, a unique solid fuel saver that can save stove owners more than a third of their fuel? What’s this? For a small price I thought I could give it a try… what is there to lose?

I was thrilled to try this innovative product that I smiled from ear to ear when I received it. I read all of the instructions… instruction number 1: place the Firemizer at the bottom of your stove or on the grate… okay… instruction number 2: build your kindling and fire as normal… there I am still smiling while I was putting the kindling on top of the mesh… instruction number 3: light the fire… at this point I was getting all very excited to see what would happen! Once I got the fire going I stepped back a bit and waited for the stove to heat up. To my surprise at this moment in time, I could see all the logs burning evenly! Usually, the logs would just burn around the centre but not fully! It really was doing exactly what the packaging said it would do!

Comparison image

I decided to let the fire do its thing while I sat next to it with a book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. This is just perfect! I noticed that I didn’t have to get up as frequently to refuel the fire as I did before (this means I can spend that time pouring more wine into my glass!) I am amazed by how one Firemizer mesh can last me one winter season and not only save me time but also a third of my firewood costs! This has definitely made my day… and will get me through the cold months ahead with a smile on my face!

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  1. Andrew Johnston says:

    I have had the same experience.
    I acquired a Firemiser this autumn and have been using it on an open log fire throughout the winter months. It is still going strong and does exactly what it says on the website.
    The fire burns brighter, we are using noticeably fewer logs and the chimney is, so far, clear of soot.
    I’ll definitely be buying another for next winter.

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